Heidi's List Wizard

This "wizard" is actually a set of power tools for power users. This page is designed to save you time, not to do your thinking for you. Some ideas:

In most cases, the tool pops up a window from which you can cut and paste into the word list box. You may need to "allow active content" on your browser.

This is a "beta" version of this page, which means it is still in development and might have some problems. Please feel free to send me comments; mail them to webmaster, then the "at" sign, then edcuationalpress.org.

Reference tools

These tools may open up a pop-up window; be sure to turn off your pop-up blocker.

Current word list

You can type in this list directly. If you want an answer list, separate words and answers with =. Give your lists meaningful names, so you can find them again easily. You must register to be able to save your list.

Heavy hitting tools

The following tools may replace the entire word list! Be sure to save your lists first. The Undo button cancels the last change only.


Note:These aren't automatic tools! You need to copy and paste words and definitions between the Word List box and the reference tools.

Word List:  
Answer List:
Separate words from answers with:
Word Answer
RegExp! (Reference) Regular expression to search Replace found with:


Troll for related word sets

Wicked cool. Enter up to five related words in the list box, such as red, green, yellow or Jefferson, Washington, Clinton and click this button for a full list.
(Each word must be on its own line.)

Concordance and other stats

Find the most frequently used words in a given book!
1) Search the book title on Amazon.com. 2) Go to the product detail page. 3) Scroll down to "Inside This Book." 4) Click on Concordance. (Sample.)

Oh, that was fun. Play with more concordance and frequency tools.

Problem maker

5 + 7 = 12
= _____
lowest operation highest    

Make math problem list of
(#) problems.
Tip: To make a list of all possible problems, enter "all" for number of problems.


Mmmmm... word lists... yummy.

Note:In some cases, the tool will clear or overwrite the word list box. If this happens unexpectedly, you can click the Undo Last Change button below. However, these tools are provided "as is" and without warranty; I strong encourage you to save the lists you like by copying them onto your personal computer. To copy a list, click the Select All button, press Control-C (Windows) or (Mac), then paste the list into your word processor.